As you may know, I have stopped working last July to study at the University of Lausanne. This is the kind of decision you do not take easily, especially when you have not lived with your parents for years and have been financially independent. Finding yourself without a salary overnight changes a lot of things and especially the priorities on how to spend your money.

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Rock your first day (University version)

Monday was back-to-school day for a lot of children. I’m living in front of a school, I can tell you they were super excited to be back !

I don’t know if University students will be as happy to see their classmates and begin their classes in three weeks but myself, I’m super happy! Maybe because it’s my first year, I don’t know but even so, I’m just as excited as the little guys in the schoolyard next to my house 🙂

Back-to-school period is stressful; new friends, new goals, new challenges. For those who experience it in September, it seems like entering a new phase, a kind of new year like in January.

Obviously people, the clothes are secondary, it should not be the priority for school, but here are some ideas if you are out of inspiration 🙂

« The » Jeans

I really don’t think I have to develop here, a comfortable jeans that goes with everything : a must.


Some leggings

I have hundreds of leggings, I love to wear them. And yes, you can wear leggings outside too but be super careful ! Leggings are not pants guys !!!!!! You don’t want to wear them as pants. You can wear your leggings with a big sweater that is longer and covers your little butt ;-), You can also wear it with a nice blazer over it to make your look more sophisticated. 




A nice bag 

For years, I use to wear « Le Pliage » from Longchamps because it’s big enough for books, super resistant and also pretty ;-). I often buy school bags from H&M too because they are not expensive and super stylish.


For people who do not like to carry their bag on one shoulder here are several options of backpacks too



The must have for class! Especially if you travel with public transports, having good sneakers is super important 🙂


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